Squash Girls Can

Squash Girls Can is a program for designed to suit a student’s busy schedule!

Why should you get involved in Squash Girls Can ?

  • It is a great social atmosphere and way to build connections on campus
  • You can get physical activity done quickly in between classes
  • A great compliment to other sports or activities you already do
  • An opportunity to try something different while at university
  • A great stress relieving activity for when assignments and exams are on

Details of the program

All you need to know to get involved

Super easy! Click on any button on this webpage that says “Count Me In’ to be taken to the online registration form.

Squash Girls Can is designed to teach you the skills of squash and get you playing the game in 6-weeks of group coaching.

Program cost is at the discrepency of the providing club. However most charge $0 – $5 per session for the 6 weeks of group coaching.

Squash Girls Can aims to get more female participation in squash across university campuses in Australia. So if you would like to try a new physical activity or get back into squash while you study Squash Girls Can is your chance! 

Squash Girls Can is in most states and territories in Australia, with the program running in conjunction with university squash clubs and sports departments. To find the program nearest you check out our registration form. 

No way! Squash Girls Can is designed for the beginner squash player or someone looking to get back into squash after a few years away from the sport. 

To get in touch about the program please email us at: participation@squash.org.au