Squash Girls Can

Squash Girls Can is a program for designed to suit a student’s busy schedule!

Squash Girls Can is squash – but re-designed for the busy student lifestyle. Physical activity is sure to help you feel self-assured, confident and feeling good about what you can achieve!

Squash was found to be the world’s healthiest sport by Forbes magazine!

Why should you get involved in squash ?

  • It is a great social atmosphere and way to build connections on campus
  • You can get physical activity done quickly in between classes
  • A great compliment to other sports or activities you already do
  • An opportunity to try something different while at university
  • A great stress relieving activity for when assignments and exams are on


We are excited to be piloting Squash Girls Can in 2019

Squash Girls Can is the program re-designed for the busy student lifestyle.


Pilot at universities across Australia to test product fit and evaluate participation feedback


Full roll out of Squash Girls Can across Australia – to get your university involved please email: participation@squash.org.au

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